Thursday, 30 July 2015

Where Have I Been? & My 2015 Thus Far!

It's been a reallllly long time. I used to make YouTube videos and occasionally blog about random stuff when I was a preteen. Well, wind forward 4 years and here I am again, and I'm officially an adult! There were many reasons for leaving my online presence - too many to list in fact, but it may not even interest you all. Anyway, I'm different to how I was then and I am interested in a lot more different things now! So with that said, I bring you a summary of my year thus far:
 I tried out extensions for the first time ever
  Tried out a subscription service (and didn't reallllly like it lol)

 Became a planner addict

Turned 18 years old!

Became an auntie~

Adopted a vegan lifestyle

Attended a concert alone

... andddd just recently started a new job ^_^

There's still 5 months of 2015 left and a lot more time to accomplish more things! Hope you're all having a lovely day~

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