Friday, 31 July 2015

DIY Vegan Makeup Remover

Tired of spending tons of money on makeup removers? Only for them to irritate your skin and cause redness? Well don't look away, this DIY certainly does the trick in removing your makeup and keeping your sensitive skin free from any nasty chemicals.


Almond oil* (or your preferred oil of choice) (£1.69)
Witch Hazel* (£3.28)
Empty Container
Filter water

*I purchased these on Amazon so the prices vary, but you can find these in health shops like Holland & Barrett

Only 3 products + water!


Clean your container then add equal tablespoon amounts of water, witch hazel and almond oil.

To fill half the bottle it took 10 tablespoons of each liquid. However your bottle may be bigger or smaller so you can change the amount respectively to fill it.

It turns a cloudy colour

Swatched pink lipstick on my hand.

As you can see it disappeared very easily! (and took no scrubbing like some makeup removers do)

Lipstick removed on the cotton pad

I wanted to test this makeup remover on something a little darker so tried it out on my gel eyeliner!

It disappeared! No stain and it took little to no scrubbing!


I'm impressed with this remover. It does well at removing makeup on my hand but I have yet to try this on my face. I will try it tonight and re-edit this post to tell you all how it did at removing my face makeup (especially interested to see how it does on my stubborn mascara!). I hope you all enjoyed this post and try it out.


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