Monday, 26 December 2011

The Outside World: Part 3

Hey all! It's been a while. It's the winter holiday's and I'm having a really relaxing time so I'm happy basically! Haha. I'm writing this at 2am so 'yesterday' was Christmas! I got really nice presents such as a lipgloss set, 2 mini OPI nail polishes, benefit to-go kit, YSL touch éclat, lot's of chocolate, playstation games (presents to myself LOL), a 3DS [!!!!] and one DS game, two 3DS games :D

Although I did get a few other bits such as pjyamas and a foot warmer, lol, I just can't be bothered to type out a long list. I had a great time and ate turkey :P

Oh, and I apologise for my awful grammar; I'm watching desperate housewives, I'm worn out after a long day and I'm really hungry... Well before this get's any worse of a blog post I'mma leave. Bye everyone ^....^



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