Monday, 10 August 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner Unboxing!


It's here! I couldn't resist not buying the ECLP. I placed my order on July 28th and it arrived today, on the 10th August. It was shipped on the 5th meaning it took only 5 days to get here from the US! Without further ado, let's unbox my EC:
The signature pretty box

Freebies! I love freebies

These pens came free in my order, yay

Testing out the ink; I really like these pens

And finally unveiling my new and pretty planner...

 I had to get the Bloom planner in yellow, the colours and pattern just spoke to me, haha. I adore sunflowers.
Surname covered for privacy reasons
And now some add-ons I purchased:

These elastic bands keep the planner shut

Pen holder. There's a seal at the back that you peel off so it can stick right onto your planner
I will post more  pictures in the future regarding the inside/layout of the planner. I'm guessing most of you already know what the inside of an EC looks like by now.


Bloom - LifePlanner- Yellow = $50.00 
Pen Holder = $2.50
Elastic Bands - Platinum = $7.00
Markers - Fleur Feliz = $0.00

Shipping = $19.95

TOTAL = $79.45 (~£50.96)

Overall Thoughts

I had a really good experience ordering with them. I was able to safely make my payment through PayPal (which is always a plus), my order was dispatched and shipped quickly, and everything was in perfect condition. It is an expensive planner, but it is such a pretty planner it really does make me want to stay organised. In fact, I regret not purchasing the 18 month planner so I can use it straight away. However, I will just have to suck it up and stick with using my cheap £12 planner for now, haha. In terms of the planner, it is actually a lot bigger than I thought for some reason. It is also quite bulky which I don't mind as it just means there are a lot of pages in there for me to get writing down on! The pages are beautifully printed, as is the cover. It also comes with a lot of freebies like a sample sticker sheet, postcards, and gift labels. After such a good first experience, I am keen to order with them again in the near future!

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