Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Outside World: Take 2

Hello all!

It's been a while. Again. I'm actually very busy if I can say so. Obviously we're all back to school and it's been a month in. Year 10 is weird, but actually okay! I do, however, get tons of homework and I have tutoring two times a week which makes it nearly impossible to do my blogging/vlogging, have a social life (which is partially non-existent) AND maintain my school work. I guess relaxing comes last! lol.

But I do want to make vids it's just my computer is so weird this year and I think I need to upgrade a lil. That means I cannot edit my videos as my video editor disappeared! Filming is troublesome too. The thing is, I haven't filmed in so long that I just don't feel comfy when I do so. So, videos are on a hold.

Other than that, I've got lot's of exams and I've already had about 5. I am due to have an english speech next week (save me, save me now!!) but as a whole I'm okay. Nothing interesting has happened as per usual but I did go shopping yesterday and got a haircut!

I did upload on twitter but you may not follow me there. My twitter is:
Only if you're curious.

Well that's it - see ya!

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