Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Part 1 My Makeup Collection

Hey, this is everything. Check out part 2 if you havent already!
Before I organized it... O_o

The whole preview!

How it looks

Brush collection!

my beautiful vanity<3

Inside the drawer! 1st section specs cleaner, oil blotting sheets, etc. 2nd Cleansing wipes, eye 
necessity's (contacts+eye drops). 3rd skincare and creams :D

Media storage from Ikea (forgot what its called sorry..) Perfume, jewellery and nail polish collection here :D

Hairsprays, GHDs & makeup/brush remover:)

My nail polish (sneak peak) WHSmith box £7

The whole collection:D WHSmith floral drawers £10?

I put my palettes in a mesh holder (from amazon Osco section)

CS Camouflage Concealer Palette MY FAVE<3

CS (broken )= ) 6 Contour Palette

CS 88 Warm

CS 88 Ultra Shimmer

CS 88 Matte Palette

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