Monday, 8 November 2010

Review/Swatches: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Cheeky Bronze

The packaging

Opened up

Close up of the product

Birds eye view

1. PACKAGING sleek, black and not easily breakable
2. SIZE you get a lot of product in this!
3. PAY OFF this particular one gives you the glow and shimmer
4. EASY TO USE shuts and closes with a clasp
5. ATTENTION you can see the product from the front and the label at the back of the name 'Cheeky Bronze'

1. NOT VERY ACCESSIBLE this product is discontinued. find it at CCO's or International online webby:   I bought mine from this website, very safe!
- PRICE this is expensive! originally £19.00 on love-makeup it's about £22?
2. FADES the veining on mine is gradually getting a little smaller as i've used it so much! im pretty sure it wont go away completely though as its not just an overlay of gold :)

In conclusion, i'd say go for it if you a little sparkle, glow or both! maybe just buy it as a splurge:p i personally got this as part of my birthday present back in march but:)


swatch picture credited to
the other pictures belong to me (:

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