Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Review /Demo: Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

The brush is curved and I'd say it's a medium size with fibers

The packing is quite in your face. Very noticeable and I like it :) 

1 layer of it without curling my lashes (excuse untamed brows)

Down view

Full face view
This is my naked lashes and natural face on the second picture!
My thoughts: The first week of getting it, it is very wet even after having it for 3 months. My eyes are outset so it doesn't get all over my eyelids however those with normal or deepset eyes will have a problem if you have slightly longer eyelashes.
 However, I love the wand! It's quite big so it's hard to get in but it curls and lengthens your eyelashes! It has a little voluminess effect to it but nothing major. Since it's so wet it can get a little clumpy at times and the stopper to the packing is horrible!! It has such a huge hole that lots of product gets onto it.
 I think the price is reasonable as Maybelline create pretty great mascaras!

REPURCHASE? Yes and no. I am against animal testing and have recently found out Maybelline are the culprit too. If I wasn't, however, I would!




  1. ... with your puppy eyes.

  2. @SC haha :D does that mean big eyes? ^_^

    @augustalolita thank you!!



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