Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thai Soap Company Haul! Lemongrass House

Hi guys! As you may know (or not) I came back from Thailand on 2nd January late at night! So I have a big haul coming up on YT! But for now this is a one shop haul... Lemongrass House! My mother describes it as a Thai "Lush"

An overlay at the top of the soap! These smell gooood

Love to spray this on my pillow:)

So that's everything! I don't think this is everywhere in Thailand but it is handcrafted in Thailand, Phuket (which is where I stayed) =)

Luka xx


  1. yay ! got to see lil more of the cool stuff ! :DDD xoxo

  2. Heyya :)
    Ihm a young blogger too :) 12 <3
    I watched your youtube vids, great to see yooh have a blogg :)
    Check out my blogg?? :) xx

  3. @snakesandcakes - yeah yeah.. you always find out the stuff i got from the haul! grrrr >:o ill upload and edit soon though xx

    @izzylovesyoo - oh thats cool!:) aww thanks, and yeah sure xx



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