Friday, 26 November 2010


Yes, so I haven't posted for exactly 10 days WOW. sorry guys but here's an exciting post of a small MAC haul and one Clinique purchase! My mum bought these in the duty free shop for me whilst she was on her business trip to New Jersey. ENJOY =)


the shades run quite dark - get a shade lighter i was NC20 so i got NC15 :) it matches rly gd.

Muchness Love,
Luka xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. You must try Mac e/s in Wedge. It's my one daily go-to color.


  2. hi there i just came across to your blog by chance. you look so cute like a doll! i've recently started a blog too hope you can subscribe to mine and make friend with me :)

    nice to meet you sweetie and have a great day! xxx I.

  3. that's a great haul! :)
    I would love to invite you to my blog. There's a giveaway going on at the moment, so good luck if you decide to join it! :)


  4. @Michelle Xo - yep i'll deffo have to try that out! it's a slightly lighter colour of cork, right?:)

    @Goodnight macaroon - aww thanks you:) i'll definetely check your blog out!

    @Andrea - thank you! sure i'll check out the giveaway and your blog xx



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