Saturday, 13 November 2010

Halloween Party Pics

okay, so...

There's barely any. But let's be real I was having too much fun to bother with pics! But megan+ceren slept over so we took a few in the morning ;)

k fine i was cam whoring the night before the partyD; my natural hair btw (yes it rly is that curly LOL!)

 getting hyped with gummy fangs
 megan the fairy
 camille! the evil butcherr
 sarah(not sure what she was;)) and mwah
 megan and isobel the witchh>:D okay so theres no more pics of my other friends cos idk.. they're shy :}
fail with flash u just see me :/ 
 ceren, megan and muah
 the twooo
 us two
ceren was hiding D;

that was it. literally.


  1. @snakesandcakes - yep it was thhhhhhhharnks=D

    @moominmegan - cheer up cupcake ;D



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